Monday, August 23, 2010

The much anticipated visit

In which Four Redmond Women head off on a whirl wind Mongolia Palooza encountering a secret monastery, interesting smells (which some may describe as horrible, but as you see I have characterized it as interesting), a surprise forest, a waterfall, and the tolerance threshold of time in a meeker.

Seeing someone else see Mongolia is quite an enjoyable experience. It is comforting in many ways:
1. It demonstrates that you are not alone. Everything that you find difficult and/or strange will be met with similar reactions by relations. And they are grown-ups.
2. You realize how far you have come. You are easy breezy and have adapted actually quite nice thank you very much. What smell? What bumpy road? What unbearable noise? What intolerable cold? Hahaha! You laugh in the face of discomfort!
3. More people who understand more about your life is nice.

I am going to ask the three lovely ladies to write guest posts about their time here. I think they will do a better job than I. Look for those posts coming soon! One thing I wanted to mention was the waterfall. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen and I grew up next door to Mt. Rushmore.

love, C


Michele said...

Love you honey. Glad internet is back in your ger. And that your Mamma came to love up on you. AND that you have a new (?) kitten. xoxoxo, Michele

kate said...

Yes! Perspective gained, all around. A round of perspective! I came home stronger, (definitely smelling stronger), more clear, a little warrior-like, thank you Chingiss. So, so glad that we came. And I will comply, and write up something real for your bloggy blog.
Life here is good! The peach tree out front is putting out so much fruit I can scarcely keep up! The nights are starting to get a little nip to them. Fall is my favorite season, and I go in with a flood of lightness, freedom, and ambition. And anticipation for the first snow. Yahooo.

Deirdre said...

You are doing so amazingly well. You have put up with/ learned to live with/ accepted more than most people ever even imagine. I just cray when I think about last winter when you were so cold and so lonely with your friends all withdrawing and your work not all that rewarding and fun. And you put one foot in front of the other and did it. That is such an accomplishment. Now you have new friends, new projects you are excited about, and CAMBER IN COMING!! This winter is going to be so very much better.
I think you are cool. You mean stuff to me. And I love you!