Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Plans

My summer is filling up! I recently recieved an email informing me that the camp I volunteered to work at in June would love to have and will, in fact, fly me out! It is in Bayab-Olgi, which is far west Mongolia. Seriously pul up Google Maps and check this place out. It's not space, but it's a pretty fine frontier. They speak Kazahk and the population is mostly Muslim. I am really excited to see such a different part of Mongolia. And really excited they are flying. 2 hour plane ride vs. 55 hour bus ride. Hugely Awesome. Ok so here is my summer:
I think I will go to Bayankhongor the 30th of May and then go to UB from there on the 3rd of June. Because I want to,
3-5 UB (meetings, a concert, cheering friend Josh at the Marathon, greeting the new volunteers at the airport, eating food, taking showers...)
6-10 or 11 Erdenet (visiting friend Katie, eating food, taking showers, meeting her cat, seeing Erdenet: The Boston of Mongolia)
10-11-12? UB (Get on the plane. When? How much luggage can I bring? Are there showers at this camp?...)
12-30 Bayan-Olgi (CAMP!, hopefully as close to the independant film as possible.)
30-1-2? UB (fly in, get back to Arvaikhher, spend as little money as possible)
I just found out that there are only flights from Bayan-Olgi to UB on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So Camp ends the 30th, but I wll stay in a hotel in Bayan-Olgi until the 4th! WOOT?!!!!
6?-11 Arvaikheer (Laundry, prepare for Overkhangai Life Skills Camp, Naadam!)
12-24 Hojirt Soum (CAMP! Part Deux!)
25-30 Arvaikheer (Laundry, rest, hike?)
31 UB
1 UB (Mother and Aunts Arrive! 4 Redmond Women of on a Whirlwind Mongolian Adventure! Look out!)
2 UB (See UB briefly, rest)
Day 1 8/3. Bagagazariin chuluu
Day2. 8/4 bayanzag and Temeen shavar
Day3. 8/5 Khongor sand dune
Day4. 8/6 Full day Camel trip around Khongor sand dune.
Day5 8/7 Ongi Temple
Day6 8/8 Orkhon water fall
Day7 8/9 Arvaikheer

9-13 Arvaikheer Hang out and see where Caitlin lives, works, and plays. Hike?
14-15 UB last sights, say goodbye
16-26 Arvaikheer (cry, laundry, Greet the new Arvaikheer when the come after they Swear-In on the 20th.)
27-29 UB/Outside of UB Mid-Service Training!

And soon after that my bike project event happens. Busy busy summer full of fun travel! I am so excited. And I hoping there won't even be too big of a letdown at the end of the summer because of the 88Bikes project and the new volunteers. I am going to make them be my friends by winning them over with my delightful personality, infectious sense of humor, and persistance! And if neccasary tying them up in my ger and making them play Uno with me. Just kidding! ...mostly...

I hope you all will have as good of summer as I am going to have. Although propably with more swimming and bbqs and grass. Blarg.

love, C


Anonymous said...

Hey Caitlin, please do a really good job of cheering on Josh. I will be thinking of him all day as he runs in the marathon. I am happy to hear he will have a supporter. Your summer sounds great, have a good time, you deserve it!
Amy, Josh's mom

kate said...

Wow, whirlwind indeed! Glad I can be part of it! We're winding down, over here at DU, and not a week too soon! I'm pretty cooked. Yesterday was a good day off, though. I took your gift advice, and got John's son some groovy lights for his dorm room, got the cake for John, as he's overwhelmed, and had a hacky sac date. Went to bed early, woke up feeling great and well prepared for the big push this week! Okay!
If you can, please look into a show or two in UB that we can attend! I mean, I can search from here on the web, but you might have a better outcome. Mongolia is known for people with circus skills, and I think it would be really fun to see an extravaganza!
Your summer sounds just outstanding. I'm so curious about this western frontier you are headed to. It sounds like a complete cultural shift. Good for you for continuing to stretch yourself!
I love you so! We'll be there before you know it! I saved your packing advice e-mail in my inbox, and am starting to think about that....

Camber Carpenter said...

amazing summa.

I typed on a future bride's fb wall that I was sad to miss her "big gay" instead of "big day" oops.

I'll know by mid-July my whereabouts for the next few months. Mongolia is in there! I'm thinking September/October? spread out the love. what do you think?

And of the new volunteers, there might be someone from my mom's school in Illinois. You should be friends, then someday we'll all eat pizza together.

Joanne said...

Caitlin, I am looking forward to meeting you when you greet us newbies at the UB airport!!!!

your summer plans sound really awesome

Gabb said...

Whew, lady! Way to stay excited and busy. I hope my summer becomes exponentially more relaxed.
I aced my class, passed my comp, survived the Egyptian desert, moved everything Aaron and I own into a garage, lived with Molly Mutherson for a bit (Woo!), moved everything into new apartment, and am tired of big changes. Too much stress at once has made me a nervous wreck. Boo, strugglebus.

I heard you drunk skyped Susi :)

Love you doll. Aaron and I are going to try to set up our internet tonight so we can stop stealing the neighbors.


Deirdre said...

Summer is coming. And so am I!!

Camber Carpenter said...

I'm coming to see you in November!

Will you be there?


Tim Jenkins said...


I hope your camp went super! I'm having a great time at training in Zuunmod...Minus the training :) When you have time you will have to let me know what your experience was like during your first week or two at your site! Take care!

Your PCT Friend,