Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am wearing all purple today. Purple blouse, purple skirt, purple headband (it's really cute!), and purple shoes (with gree and pink and yellow from the early 90s, they make me feel like Kelly Kapowstki!) Nothing like Purple Day to lift my spirits.

I thought I bought dried cilantro, but alas, it is parsley. What can I do with parsley?

I also bought dried milk. It instructs me to "Dissolve in water and drink it or use for gruel, soup and omelet cooking. Also use it as an ingredient for bread, pancakes, pastries and ice-cream. I want some gruel!

I think i managed to communicate to one of my delguur (store) ladies about some powdered cheese that is available in UB. It is the same brand as the soup mix the store has and I really want it. On my walk home after this funny conversation, I thought about how different and more awesome my life will be if this cheese comes. I will put it on popcorn among other things.


kate said...

Powdered cheese! Parsley! Purple!

Michele said...

Can you please sprinkle your powdered cheese "makes life better" dust on me, too, oh purple fairy princess? Thank you. Love you tons.....

Caitlin Rose said...

Recipe for Michelle:

1.Buy a wood burning stove (Just like Laura Ingals Wilder used to have)
2.Make a fire
3. Cover the bottom of a medium pot in oil and place 3 popcorn kernels in the oil
4. place pot on stove
5. When you hear the 3 kernels pop, add about 200 more
6. Shake pan and listen for the popping to slow
7. Move popcorn to bowl
8. Add salt and POWDERED CHEESE
9. Eat while watching The West Wing

love, purple fairy princess!

Gabb said...

I loved the day that was purple because I got to talk to you in my purpleness!
Aaron got back Friday after suffering a blown tire 10 miles from Brookings. He's moving back permanently in 2 weeks and has an interview on Monday.
Last night was Emily's junior prom and Susi and I's AXiD formal. 1 night. All Baldwin girls in dresses. The universe didn't implode :)
Why was Bill on your ger?
Love you oodles and oodles and hope things are as ok as they can get right now,