Saturday, November 29, 2008

Step Forward

I apologize to all of you that have been anxiously checking for an update over the past couple of months, I am sure you number in the hundreds! I have been re-medically cleared for service and have received a new assignment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason, my placement officer at the Peace Corps for making it possible for me to keep the same blog address so as not to confuse my adoring fans. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am heading for MONGOLIA in June '09. I am seriously thrilled about this assignment. I feel I am mentally prepared for Mongolia as well as sock-ally prepared as many people gave me smart wool socks for graduation. (Not that I couldn't use a few more's cold there people.)

Since being deferred I have been working at The Rapid City Childrens' Center. December 5th is the Christmas party and also my last day. I will miss all of these wonderful children I have gotten to know.

(OK quick eye-rolling adorable kid story... I dyed my hair a deep chestnut and the next day a little boy (He's 4) saw me and ran into his classroom and exclaimed "Miss Caitlin is Beeoootiful!" Be still my heart!)

I love other people's kids. You get all the best parts and getting to know and love them, and you get to go home to (theoretical) peace and quiet.

I am all packed and ready to move to Ft. Collins, CO next week to help take care for my grandparents, Bill and Ginny. I will work on learning Mongolian, saying goodbye to America and spending lots of time with friend Becca as she conveniently lives there and has a fabulous group a friends I am going to thrust my acquaintance on. (Becca has assured me that they are all prepared and excited for my arrival. I had a great time meeting some of them last summer, especially Scott!) I will miss my friends, both old and new, in Rapid City, but I know it isn't goodbye forever! I will also miss my family incredibly much, but it is time for me to be more independent. Well, as much independent as living with my grandparents can be.
My Grandpa Bill and Grandma Ginny!

More to come later. I hope you all are well. Be good and keep in touch!
Erüül mendiin tölöö (Cheers/Good Health)


BallZach said...

Caitlin, I'm glad you finally get to go. I know you're going to have an amazing time, and you're going to make a difference in the world!!!

In 2 years (is that how long you will be gone?), I will find you and we will drink and you can tell me all about your adventures and I will tell you lame stories about graduate school in computer science and we will sing, and we will be merry, and the peasants will rejoice.

Camber Carpenter said...

At last I can release my baited breath, Caitlin Rose--a blog post!
And you're going to be a Mongol afterall! YEAH! Asia rocks.
Actually avoided a Mongolian stalker a few weeks ago.
Good luck learning Mongolian. I didn't even know that was a language--thought it was Mandarin there.
Oh, wait...only one person in the world speaks Mandarin and that's Jackie Chan. No need to learn that language.