Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello Wisconsin!

I am currently in Menomonie, WI for the Upper Midwest Honors Conference, my last Honors Conference of my undergrad career! The conference gave us bright lime green bags, which are atrociously awesome! We are here until Saturday morn and then we are staying Saturday night in the Twin Cities, which should be great. I am presenting on the application process to the Peace Corps! This might get people interested in applying or at least learning more. It was at the National Collegiate Honors Conference in Denver last November where I found out I was nominated for Community Youth Development in Asia/Central Asia. Hopefully, no shocks at this conference!

I getting very excited for graduation and the trip to North Carolina and for San Francisco and for Mongolia. There is a lot to do before leaving, but a lot of what I have planned is exciting.

I am interested to see how my relationships with people survive (or not) with these transitions. I am trying to spend time with my friends and also trying to repair any broken bridges that may have been created over the years. I am also trying to not be over dramatic about leaving. I am not dying, just going away. It is true that I will never be back here and nothing will ever be exactly the same , but paths with the same people or places may cross again.

Someone commented that this could be one of my only opportunities to reinvent myself. I feel reaffirmed in myself that this is not something I want to do. I have toyed with changing what people call me to Caitlin Rose full time, but other than that, I am confortable with who I am. There are qualities I may want to emphasize and others I may want lessen in myself, but I certainly not going to "reinvent" who I am.

For April Fools' Day, I told my parents the Peace Corps moved my leave date up 3 weeks. This wouls mean I would be leaving 1 week after graduation. They both fell for it and mildly freaked out before realizing (with heavy hinting) that I was joking. My father called me a "snot" and my mom told me I was mean. Ahh, success!

I am completely over food poisoning, which is a relief. One of the M18s told me online that it was just good training for when I go to Mongolia. This did not make me feel loads better. I am almost done with my blanket I am crocheting and wonder if I can find yarn in Mongolia. Hmmm, that would be something to do during those long winter days. Other things that I am planning on doing is watching DVDs, (like The West Wing which I got for my birthday and LOTR) reading and writing. I am also hoping to get lots of time riding the short, hairy Mongolian horses!

Well, I am going to go try and find some cheese, this being Wisconsin and all!

Love, C

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Mom said...

Did someone write you a less than sweet letter good-bye?

Let's plan a party or two when you get back to SD.

love, ma